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Install Centos Web Panel in Centos

The Centos Web Panel is fully GUI application to manage your RPM-based distribution servers like Centos/RHEL etc...

  • A static IP configures on your system CWP not work on a dynamic IP
  • Root account Access
# yum update

Now install wget command:

# yum install wget

Install CWP

For centos 6

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-latest

for centos 7

# cd /usr/local/src
# wget
# sh cwp-el7-latest

Please wait CWP installer can take time to run more than 30 minutes (depends on internet speed) because it needs to compile Apache and PHP.

After the installation is completed,

Reboot server

Now restart your server pressing Enter key.


# reboot

Please note CWP install on the default 2030 port.

CWP Configuration

Go to a browser and open URL: your_ip_address:2030

Admin Username = root
Admin Password = root user password of your server

Click the login button and now you see a CWP admin panel.

Now you can configure and manage your server from here. for additional configuration and security go to this link.