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How to Convert PPK to PEM File using Command in Linux

We all know using PuTTY tools we are convert a .pem file to .ppk. But sometimes our clients give us to .ppk file, But we use a Linux machine so we need to convert it to .pem.

So following is a process of converting .ppk to .pem:

Install PuTTY tools in Ubuntu/Debian/LinuxMint

# sudo apt-get update
# sudo apt-get install putty-tools

Now convert .ppk file to .pem file

# puttygen /home/serverkaka.ppk -O private-openssh -o /home/serverkaka.pem

Give permission 400 to pem key file

# chmod 400 /home/serverkaka.pem

Now you can use produced .pem file for connect to a server from Linuxux machine.

# ssh -i /home/serverkaka.pem ubuntu@

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