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Connecting to AWS VM (instance) from Windows Machine

In the last post, we created Linux instance, and downloaded private key (serverkaka.pem) now we will connect to it from Windows by PuTTY

Download PuTTY from here

Run PuTTYgen to convert pem file to ppk, so we can import it into PuTTY

Click Load Button and Choose .pem file

Now PuTTYgen successfully imported pem file click OK and Save private key

If you want to set passphrase click No and set it, otherwise, click Yes

Then save keys with .ppk extension

Now note down or copy your VM's public IP

Open PuTTY and give IP and Port and expand SSH>Auth and Browse .ppk file and click Open Button.

Click Yes when it's asking for PuTTY Security Alert

Login as ubuntu because of we have Ubuntu server.

Now you successfully connected with your Linux AWS VM instance.

During instance creation, I created basic security rules in security group for SSH access only to VM’s IP to any address (