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How to Share and Connect Local Printer in Network

If you have more than one computers that does not mean you should have separate printer for each computer.

I will show you how to share a printer between several computers on a network in Windows.

Step 1

Go to Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>Devices and Printers

Step 2

Select your Printer and Right Click on that and select Printer Properties 

Step 3

Click Sharing tab and tick Share this printer in the checkbox

Step 4

Press Apply button and then OK button

Step 5

Note down your system IP Address

Now your printer is shared on your network, It's accessible from any system which is in your network.

Now I will show you how to connect to shared printer in another system.

Step 6

Press W+R and write down the printer's system IP Address and press OK button.

Step 7

Here you will see file and Printer name which you shared, Right click on Printer and click on Connect Button.

Step 8

Wait for some times till system has copied all files in your system.

When you get the prompt to Install Printer, at that time Press Install driver button.

Wait for a few seconds, the system will setup printer on your machine, when it's finished processing.

Check printer is connected or not with step 9 

Step 9

Go to Control Panel>>All Control Panel Items>>Devices and Printers

Here you will see printer which you connect, now it's done and time for printing and scanning your documents.