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How to Remove Windows Boot Loader entry /Dual Boot

Sometimes we are installing two or more operating systems in our PC for some R & D or any purpose. after that we are removing extra OS, but sometimes it still shows in the boot loader. Hence, it will ask every time for choose OS when you start your PC.

To correct this situation, I was looking for boot.ini and was directed to the Boot Configuration Data Editor (BCDEdit) as the utility to use when editing boot loader information in Windows OS.

To remove this entry run Command Prompt as an Administrator.

Now type 'bcdedit'

Here you will see all boot loader entries, mark or copy identifier which you will want to remove.

Removing an entry from the Boot Loader

Now type One simple command given below:

Bcdedit /delete {boot loader identifier}

Press Enter, and the boot loader will remove the entry for the ID you specified and display a message when finished. Now restart system, and boot loader load available in the boot menu should be the current Windows installation.