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How to Install Android OS on PC/Desktop (Remix OS)

Android is the most popular mobile operating system in the world, but just because it’s meant for mobile doesn’t mean that it can’t be installed on the desktop. There are many ways to get Android running on a PC, including virtual device emulators like Genymotion, bootable USB versions like Remix OS, or even full stand alone applications like BlueStacks. Each have their advantages and disadvantages depending on your needs. Here is the full breakdown of each.

Here I Explain how to Remix OS install in Desktop for windows system.

Begin Installation you need USB flash drive for boot and Remix OS ISO image.

You can download Remix OS from here:

Recommended system requirements for installation
  • 2 GHz dual core processor or better
  • 2 GB system memory
  • Minimum 8 GB of free hard drive space
  • Internet access if possible

Step 1

Now you can find the following files in Remix OS downloaded zip file

Step 2

Extract this to your local folder

Step 3

Run "Remix_OS_PC_Installation_Tool-B2016080802.exe"

Step 4

Select ISO file : "Remix_OS_for_PC_Android_M_64bit_B2016112101"

Step 5

Select type Hard Disk or USB Drive, whatever you want to install

Step 6

Select drive where you install Remix Os and Press OK button.

Step 7

Choose System size for the use Remix OS. I suggest 32GB, because you are installing application and games after android is running. Press OK button

Step 8

Wait for a few seconds, Until system build OS copy

Step 9

Press Reboot Now Button

Step 10

For UEFI, press special key (F12 for Dell, F9 for HP, F12 for Lenovo, Option Key for MAC) while booting to enter boot menu and ensure that Secure Boot is disabled.

Step 11

If you choose to install Hard Disk option in step 5, so Select Remix OS in Windows Boot Menu.


If you choose to install USB Disk option in step 5, So Select USB Storage Device under boot option.

Step 12

Select either "Guest Mode" or "Resident Mode" to start Remix OS.

Guest mode = installs the OS as a guest user, System has not stored any data and activity
Resident Mode = installs the OS as a permanent, System stored all data and activity 

Step 13

Installation is started, wait for a few moments and enjoy android in your PC when it's Completed.