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How to Increase EBS Volume Size of AWS EC2 Linux Instance

If we face data limitations in our EC2 instance's volume, we can modify or resize it.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to increase the EBS volume size in AWS using a Linux instance.

First, stop EC2 instance:

You can also perform this step in running instance without stopping it, but if possible to take downtime, then I suggest stopping the instance. 

Select instance>>Actions>>Insatnce State>>Stop

Now, Go to Volumes and Modify

Select Volume>>Actions>>Modify Volume

Here insert a new value of SSD size.
Here it will ask for your permission.

Wait for few minutes till it goes an in-use-completed(100%) state.

Whenever state changes to in-use - completed state, Login in an ec2 instance and follow the below steps.

Expand the modified partition using growpart
 sudo growpart /dev/xvda 1

To extend a Linux file system for Linux ext2, ext3, or ext4 file system (like Ubuntu)
 sudo resize2fs /dev/xvda1

To extend a Linux file system for the xfs file system (like CentOS)
 sudo xfs_growfs -d /mnt

Using df -h command check partition is extended or not.
 df -h