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Create a First Job in Jenkins

In this post, we will learn how to create a job in the Jenkins. in this tutorial, we create a simple basic job. 

Create Job

login to Jenkins with your credentials. From the left pane, select a New Item, and click on create new jobs.

In the next window, type the name of the job such as First_Job and select job type as Freestyle Project and then click OK.

Add Build Step

In the next window, we will leave default options unchanged. Move to Build tab and select Add build step as an Execute shell. (If you have installed Jenkins on a window machine, select 'Execute Windows batch command' from the list)

Typing in command whatever you want.

Click the Save button and we complete the first job.

Start the Build

From the job dashboard, click Build Now and you will see job run.

Console Output

Now job run completely, click to build number and select Console Output. You will see the message 'This is my First Jenkins Job' show up inside the build log. That it you just complete the Jenkins job.

In the output, we can see various useful details such as who started the build, what is the workspace for the build, what was the command executed by Jenkins for the build along with the project name and output related to our commands. In the last, we would also see the overall status of job as successfully completed or not.