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Create a Bucket in AWS S3

A bucket is in fact name for the folder or drives in AWS, in which we can store data.

For Create a Bucket In AWS S3 follow below steps.

Open S3 Service in AWS Management Console.

Click on Create Bucket

Please note Bucket name must be unique and lowercase later.

After clicking Next we are presented with some options:

Versioning: Keep track of object version
Logging:      Logs access to objects in AWS
Tags:           Used to track

After clicking Next bucket-Properties we can see all bucket properties, some of them are described earlier


Static Web Site hosting: Hosting an only static website (HTML)
Cross-region replication: Replicate bucket content to a different region
Transfer acceleration: Enables transferring files to and from a bucket
Events: Setting notifications when specific operations occurring in a bucket (creating/deleting/modifying objects)

After clicking Next we can set permissions:

There are user and public permissions, also there are object permissions (permissions over object itself)

After clicking Create bucket it creates a bucket.

Upload Files In Bucket.

Click Upload Button

Choose File