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Recover deleted photos after windows format

 …because every picture tells a story.”

We often keep our memories cherished in the form of photographs and keep revisiting them. But what if these photos get deleted?

Our files, including photographs, often get deleted after formatting the Windows system. This generally happens when you forget to take a backup of your data before a Windows format.


What is Windows formatting?

Windows, which was developed by Microsoft, is a prevalent and widely used operating system. When you format your Windows, it means the data gets cleared or cleaned.


Need to format Windows-

There are a few reasons why you need to format your Windows system from time to time-

1. Unable to start the computer-

Sometimes when you open your desktop, it displays only a black screen which may happen due to a virus attack. In such a scenario, it is advisable to format the Windows system. 

2. Too many problems-

Often viruses corrupt the data that you have on your system, which makes it difficult to open certain files or even to run the system smoothly.


3. Computer is running slow-

The computer starts running slower than usual or with continuous interruptions.


4. To upgrade your system-

There is a need to format the current Windows system in order to upgrade it to the latest version.  


5. Hard drive is full-

After using a desktop or laptop for many years, your drive may become full of many files. You may not be able to add any more files.


How to recover deleted photos after formatting Windows?

Sometimes when you format your Windows system, you forget to take a backup of all your essential files and photos, which might result in the removal of these photos from your system. However, these can be recovered through the following ways-


Using System Restore Point-

You can yourself recover your precious photos by following these simple steps-


STEP 1 –

Open the Control Panel and click on Recovery.



STEP 2 –

Click on Open System Restore.

STEP 3 –

A dialogue box will open, which says that it will fix problems that might be making the computer run slowly.

Click on Next to proceed further.


STEP 4 –

A list will appear on your screen; select a restore point from this list. Click on Scan for affected programs to run a scan for the same.

STEP 5 –

The System Restore will display a list of programs. The first one includes programs that will be deleted from the system during the restore process, and the other one contains all the programs that will be restored during the process. After going through the programs, click on the Close option.


STEP 6 –

Select the desired restore point and click on Next.

STEP 7 –

Once again, confirm the restore point and click on the Finish option.



STEP 8 –

A small dialogue box will open on the screen. After reading the instructions carefully, click on Yes to initiate the restore process.


Using the Kernel Windows Data Recovery tool-


In case you are unable to restore your photos, you will be in need of a professional toolThe Kernel Windows Data Recovery tool is one of the prominent tools which is capable of recovering and restoring lost, missing, or deleted files, folders, Office documents, media files, and emails from corrupt Windows partitions, and removable devices like USB drives, Micro SD cards, SD cards, external hard drives & more.

Just follow this simple process to get your photos restored-

STEP 1 –

Download the Kernel Windows Data Recovery tool on your system.


STEP 2 –

Launch the tool. You will see 3 modes- Quick Scan, Deep Scan, and File TraceSelect a mode depending upon the data that you would want to recover.


STEP 3 –

Select the specific disk drive from which you want to recover your data and select the Next button.

STEP 4 –

You will get information about the selected drive. Click on Next to move forward.


STEP 5 –

The tool will start scanning for all the lost files and folders.


STEP 6 –

Select the specific folders and then select the photo that you want to recover. Select on Recover.


STEP 7 –

Select a destination to save your recovered file of photos. Then click on Ok.


STEP 8 –

The recovered photo has been saved to your specified location. Click on Ok to exit the tool.


The deleted photo has been recovered with the help of the Kernel Windows Data Recovery tool, and these features make it the premium tool for such use-

· Recovers lost, deleted, & inaccessible Windows files, folders, etc.

· Recovers data from bad sectors, partitions and removable drives.

· Three scanning modes for Windows recovery – Quick, Deep, and File Trace

· Displays live preview of recovered data with detailed information

· Finds specific type of files for recovery using the search options

· Advanced settings for recovery of deleted or duplicate items

· Saves recovered Windows data to the specified location

· Supports all Windows Operating Systems for data recovery.


Conclusion –

In this article, we got to know about the need to format Windows systems from time to time. Also, restoring the lost photos using the settings in our systems. But sometimes, it may not do the needful, and there we need a professional tool like Kernel Windows Data Recovery. Always remember to backup your precious photos before formatting the Windows system.