Published March 17, 2018 by

How to Setup EC2 Instance for Ping Response

Some days ago I hosted one website in aws. When I try to open in a browser it's working properly.

But when I try to ping same website that time it's not sent a response.

So in this tutorial, I show why this thing is to happen?

When we created a new instance in aws ec2, by default aws security group block all protocol and port. 

AWS security groups block ICMP (including ping, traceroute, etc.) by default. You need to explicitly enable it.

So, enable ICMP protocol (ping response) follow below steps.
  • Go to EC2 Dashboard and click "Running Instances"
  • on "Security Groups", select the group of your instance which you need to add security.
  • click on the "Inbound" tab
  • Click "Edit" Button (It will open a popup window)
  • click "Add Rule"
  • Select the "Custom ICMP rule - IPv4" as Type
  • Select "Echo Request" as the Protocol (Port Range by default show as "N/A)
  • Enter the "" as Source
  • Click "Save"

This will add the new entry. Once above configuration is done, you should be able to ping your freshly set up amazon web service EC2 instance.